iOS Emulator for Windows

Ok so, I’m just throwing this questions out there to check if there is an answer for this.

Background: I’m currently using Expo to develop Android applications. Because I don’t have a mac or an iPhone. All I have is a Windows laptop and an Android Phone.

Is it possible to hook up an iOS emulator on windows that will run with Expo?

Just curious if there’s anything out there.

Thanks Expo for all the great work so far!

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At the moment the only reliable way to test iOS is either through a physical iPhone or a simulator running on macOS, unfortunately. You could potentially run a simulator on, but that would probably be a bit rough for things like gestures or animations.


@dikaiosune Thanks Adam! Really appreciate that bit of insight. It helps a ton :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s possible to use iOS platform applications on Windows and Android. You can easily find Emulator for your windows device, these emulators works parallel to iOS, and gives you the same user interface ( UI ) experience. You can find both paid and free emulators.

If your are looking free then I will suggest you to use Smartface, Xmarine Testflight. There are many other free option available that you can Check here. There you will find all the information from downloading to it’s use.

These emulators are not just available for Windows. Maybe, if you are a Andorid user you can experience iOS in you device. If you are interested you can Check this .


@samar482 these links seem to be focused on other cross-platform development tools (analogous to Expo), but I don’t see any that allow you to run your device in an actual iOS environment.

Recently we have come across this post where they listed the best ios emulator for windows user.hope this should help .

All above information good for the iOS environment. But many another good emulator available on internet world with good performance.

Check the list of best emulator
iphone emulator for pc

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If you are looking to run iOS apps on Windows, then have a look at this list

Does anyone have good experience with any of the iOS emulator with expo (and also without it, for apps created with create-react-native-app)?

Apply update from PC and save your time.

Hey I already see healthy discussion going on over here. Just for addition, you can use these ios emulators for windows pc, I have tried from this list and these are the most updated one i have found on the internet.

Nice discussion here. We have put up a list of ios emulator that are working, after doing quite research online.

@techjuno @shawnsmith9762
Did you use any of these emulators with expo on windows?
Is the emulator that you used free for non-commercial purposes?

If you facing some some problems while using Expo. So here some of the emulator you can use ios emulators for pc or Ios emulators for windows

running ios apps on pc windows or mac not a easy task but we can through ios emulators i have find 2 best article on it , checkout these best ios emulators for windows , best ios emulators

I just rented mac cloud and use RDC to test/build app.

Need to run iOS apps on Windows then try any of the iOS emulators for Windows in order to run them. I had run a few of them and they come with different specifications.

Check here best ios emulators list here : and also by vistitng you can also download mod apk

@rahamin have you found any emulator working ?