Determining a device's PPI (pixels per inch)

I’d like to know a device’s PPI so that I can accurately animate an on-screen shape at a velocity specified by the user in centimeters per second.

What is the recommended way of getting PPI? The oft-suggested way of doing this is using PixelRatio.get() (or Dimensions.get('screen').scale) and multiplying the return value by 160. But that is giving me imprecise results across different devices. For example:

On iPhone 14 simulator, PixelRatio.get() returns 3, suggesting a PPI of 480, but actual PPI is 460 (per Apple Store specs)

On iPad Pro (11-inch) simulator, PixelRatio.get() returns 2, suggesting a PPI of 320, but actual PPI is 264.

Is there a more reliable way to get PPI? Thanks!

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