No 4k, 60fps, back camera on iPhone 14 Pro?!

Running 6.0.6. There aren’t any available formats to capture video from the back camera at any resolution above 1440 and 60fps. Using an iPhone 14 Pro to test (which supports this).

Oddly, there are front camera formats that support this and work well?

Any ideas hugely appreciated. Any way to force the resolution and frame rate despite not having a supporting format?

Hi @jamesbeck

Version 6.0.6 of what? :slight_smile:

If you are on Expo SDK 46, then the expo-camera version should be "^12.3.0"

Maybe also try React Native Vision Camera

Thanks for you reply :+1:, and yes sorry, that came from “expo -V”.

I’m running Expo SDK 46.0.13 and expo-camera 12.3.0.

I’ve also tried React Native Vision Camera too, with exactly the same problem :man_shrugging:.

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