Camera questions

Hello all. New to Expo and absolutely love it. I started with the camera API last night and want to ask a few question to the community.

I am passing the result of takePictureAsync() to a new view and adding it to the source prop of Image. In IOS simulator it seems to be working. See attached pics. The camera view is obviously black as the simulator doesnt have an actual camera. Then when I try to view the image it has the datetime on the bottom of the image.

First question - is there anyway to get rid of the date? I dont see this in any docs?

Second question - when I use the QR code to load the app into Expo on my phone the camera is working but the URI isnt passing to the view. Is this normal when running off the Expo local server? Does the camera need a proper build to function fully?

Thanks for any help! Super appreciated!

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