Detect binary version

I’m trying to use Branch within my app but I have the problem that I had to add associated domains and change the profile on ios along with making other changes to the app.json. I believe this is causing the app to crash for users who have an old binary from the app store with an OTA update to the latest version. Is there any way to get the version number of the originally installed binary or the originally installed manifest so I can only use Branch if they have a sufficiently recent binary installed?

Hey @steven.shadman,

You can use the Constants API, specifically the manifest property to check for version numbers.


Isn’t the manifest going to be the version number of the current OTA version running not the version of the binary itself? Seems I can get the build number (but not the version) of the binary by looking at Constants.platform, which just requires never reseting the build number on new versions to set a condition that code only runs if the binary is above a certain build number

Hi, it would be a great feature to get the actual binary version and also build time. That way I can notify my users that a binary update is needed. Especially for changes which don’t work with OTA. Eg. New expo version, app.json changes,…

Currently I would do this via different release channels. Eg. release-1.2.3

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