How can i get last buildversion in expo api?

I need version check and my app not uploading appstore/playstore yet.
Now IOS using enterprise account and android using apk file.
(Currently we are in beta testing)
App maybe serviced and open in appstore/playstore in this year.
Im using ‘react-native-version-check-expo’ library if in appstore/playstore i woked check for last version.
if not i want to get expo builded last version.
In my phone app’s app.json version is 1.0.1.
And builded app.json version is 1.0.2(need this value in expo api)

Hey @hotpig,

You can leverage the Constants module to get this information, specifically Constants.manifest.


Thanks. If when i expo publish command,
the app.jsoin file code pushing with js file together?
I want only update js file without app.json file’s version key.
then i can check update version when must update.(image,font … some module)
Another question, when i install new package module,
expo publish contain what i installed package module?

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