Debug ipa on device? (unejected project)

I have an unejected app that runs great in Expo on iOS and Android. The Android build runs great on the emulator (I don’t have an Android device).

But the iOS build crashes on a device (I haven’t been able to load it on a simulator). I had been running expo start --no-dev --minify to best simulate actual running conditions, and I had a few bugs (they even made theoretical sense when lined up with the device crashes) but I fixed them so that the app ran fine in Expo. But the build still crashes on my iPhone.

How do I figure out what’s wrong? Can I debug this ipa file in Xcode (how)? Would it even dive into the js code? I suppose I could get the crash logs but they’re indecipherable (as are the instructions to symbolicate them). Can I debug the build in Xcode somehow? It’s not ejected (I’ve tried ejecting and had problems so I gave up quickly).

Please help!

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