iOS builds crashing on device

We are experiencing crashes on iOS (we submitted several updates to the Apple store, and some were rejected, and others got through, without any significant code changes). The app runs fine on iOS through the Expo app. But archives submitted to Apple are crashing immediately after the splash screen.

At first, I didn’t know that I had to specifically build the app (exp build) with the --type archive flag, but I’ve been doing that now, under the assumption that leaving out that flag just builds a simulator build. (I haven’t found much documentation on that).

I’ve created a new release channel, and published & built to that channel, thinking that the iOS app could not communicate with the channel, but it didn’t help. The android app works fine.

I’ve tried to verify the icon, splash image size and density, to see if that might be causing it, but I don’t see any problems.

Upon loading the first screen (after splash), there is an async AWS API call that I’m calling from the componentDidMount function, but I don’t know if that might be causing the issue. Again, it seems intermittent. Thanks for any help/advice you can provide.

We are running Exp SDK 27.0.0. React Native 0.55.4. AWS-Amplify 1.0.8 (for API calls)

I’ve identified the cause. When we first setup the app, I copied the available app.json config values for iOS and Android from the documentation on the Expo website. Most of them were set to blank. It appears that having a blank “Branch” config value causes ExpoKitApp to crash on iOS when calling “setBranch”. The only way I discovered it was by unsymbolicating the logs, and submitting a different app (same codebase, different config) that didn’t crash, and didn’t specify that value in the config.

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