Clean Users Cache OTA


SDK Version: 35
Platforms Android/iOS

We are using OTA (and it’s dope) but we have some troubles with old cached bundle, some users seem to have old cached bundle in their app in conflict with new OTA bundle… and it’s annoying because we don’t really know who is affected by it :confused:

I saw a post/code about ‘clearUpdateCacheExperimentalAsync’

Thanks for helping us out
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Could you clarify what you are trying to do exactly?

Hey, i’m trying to find a way to keep doing OTA, without having any conflict between the cached bundles, it seem that sometimes the user download the last bundle and get a conflict with the cache, and their app is not working.

I know uploading through stores would fix the issue.

Wanna know if there is a way to clean the user cache with Expo, i read clean ota update


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