Expo uses cached OTA after disabling OTA

  1. AppStore users are using an App with OTA updates enabled (1.0.0)
  2. App downloads the newest OTA update (1.0.1)
  3. We submit a new App with disabled OTA updates (1.0.2), but we republish 1.0.1 so that existing users don’t get OTA updated to 1.0.2 as they should update via the AppStore
  4. AppStore users are updating to 1.0.2, but they see 1.0.1 as this was published later than 1.0.2 (and it’s still downloaded). The app now forever thinks that 1.0.1 is the newest version as it will never look for OTA updates, again.

We just run into this issue, but it’s hard to reproduce.

Is it possible that an app with OTA disabled still uses an old OTA update when it thinks that the OTA is newer than the current version?

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Bumping this issue. Same thing is happening for my team

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