Transferring projects between Account and Organisation I am owner of

I have to transfer a project from Personal Account to Organisation I am owner of and docs is referring to follow the prompts under Transfer Project.

I can’t seem to find the Transfer Project option anywhere in the project dashboard. Can someone please point me in the correct direction?

I have already checked in the URL below

Docs: Account Types - Expo Documentation

Hi @iamshadmirza

This looks like the relevant part of the documentation :slight_smile:

Transferring Projects Between Accounts

:warning: This feature is in private beta and supported only for projects on SDK 43 or newer. Please upgrade your SDK if necessary and email including the following in your email and you will be added to the waitlist.

Account name (source)
Account type: Personal/Organization
Are you an Owner? yes/no

Account name (destination)
Account type: Personal/Organization
Are you an Owner? yes/no

(the following for each project)

Project: slug
Currently uses Push Notifications? yes/no
Upgraded to SDK 43 or newer? yes/no

:bulb: If it is your case where a project on your Personal or Organization Account ( source ) is sold/given to another company/person (receiving party) and you need to transfer the project to their Account ( destination ) where the receiving party does not want to grant you Owner access to said destination Account, you can create a new Organization Account ( escrow ) to complete the transfer from while safely sharing Owner access on the escrow Account.

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Ah, my bad. Thank you so much.

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