Expo Error on expo start

Hi guys I have a weird error even though my code was working fine 2 days ago and I have not touched it since.

I asked on SO please refer: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61768899/react-native-expo-start-error-react-createelement-type-is-invalid

after 100000 more errors I got my project to work again. the thing i really dont like is that every day i have to fixx errors even though the day before everything was working fine :confused:

What was the error? The link is dead now.

same as I answered on the other one:

I think in this case my error was that my AppEntry file changes automatically if I install new packages… so it kept on swapping it to app.js even though my app was living somewhere else.

I fixxed it by importing my homefile into app.js and just default exporting it there so if expo decides to change the app entry file back to App.js it would still work!

Generally, App.js is your entry point for react / react-native projects. Sounds like a solid solution.

Sorry i have no idea

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