Can't select blank template after typing $ init my-app

Hello guys please any solution to the error encountered in the image :point_down::point_down:

How do I select the blank template

Please zoom the image to see the error.

Hey @captaineboy, can you share what environment you are running the cli in? It seems to be running in non-interactive mode. To bypass this in the interim, you can run expo init my-app --template blank


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Thanks @adamjnav I am using visual studio code.

I have been able to correct that problem but I am currently stuck here, do not know the reason for the error​:point_down::point_down:

I am new to app development so please pardon me for these questions😅

Any help on the above issue, still yet to receive any answer from the community.

Please if you know the solution to the above, please comment.


Hi @captaineboy

getaddrinfo is to do with a DNS lookup. So it seems your machine has some sort of DNS or other networking problems.

Are you able to load that URL in a web browser?

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Alright, just incase someone else has the same problem above👆

The solution is to run it in your ide instead of using got directly.
I ran it on git bash directly so that was the reason for the non-interactive mode error.

The solution I employed was to run it on visual studio code terminal(precisely got bash) and the problem was solved.

Thanks for your contribution @adamjnav

(2)For the second error I guess it had to do with connectivity issue as suggested by @wodin
The problem was solved with good connection

Also for the yarn error seems I didn’t have yarn installed, had to install that and the problem was solved.

Thanks everyone for your contributions.

Happy Coding

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