Cannot run app on Simulator or Expo App on my phone

I am getting " There was a problem loading the requested app" whenever I try to run the app on simulator or on my phone. I have tried tunnel, lan, and local.

The error I am getting in the CLI is

Error running xcrun simctl openurl booted exp:// An error was encountered processing the command (domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain, code=60):
The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation timed out
Operation timed out

Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey @rjbieti, what version of Xcode and expo-cli are you running?


it says I am running expo-cli version 2.6.5 when I do “expo-cli --version” it is 2.6.5 but when I use “npm view expo-cli version” it says 3.0.10. I am using Xcode 10.1, but the tunnel does not work also with my phone at all.

It seems your installed expo-cli is quite old.

Another npm command that might be useful is:

npm ls -g expo-cli

To upgrade it, try running:

npm install -g expo-cli

After that compare expo --version, npm ls -g expo-cli and npm view expo-cli version again.

expo start -c
then on web page ; use simulator

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