Camera Photos saved to FileSystem.documentDirectory with copyAsync missing after a new build

I save images captured using Expo Camera to a device using the FileSystem.documentDirectory and FileSystem.copyAsync but when I publish an updated build of the App these photos are missing.

For Example, the image is saved to a FileSystem.documentDirectoryand I also save a reference to this image to AsyncStorage, E.g:

const USER_PHOTO_DIR = FileSystem.documentDirectory + 'photos';

handleImageSave = async photo => {
    const imageName = `${}.jpg`;
    const photoSource = `${USER_PHOTO_DIR}/${imageName}`;

    await FileSystem.copyAsync({
      from: photo.uri,
      to: photoSource,

    const image = {
      id: 'imgid-123',
      imageSrc: photoSource,

    // save to Redux / AsyncStorage 

I thought the FileSystem.documentDirectory was persistent, so how can I use this to persist images across build updates?

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