Images taken with ImagePicker disappear from FileSystem.documentDirectory after some time

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I’m using SDK Version 39.0.0

After starting the app in Expo Go after some time of inactivity the pictures, that I moved to document directory disappeared. Other data saved in the SQLite DB is still there. It’s only the images that are missing.

I think I’m facing a similar problem like @seveneightn9ne in this post Why can files disappear from FileSystem.documentDirectory?

Here is how I move the images:

 const fileName = image.split('/').pop();
 const newPath = FileSystem.documentDirectory + fileName;

try {
        await FileSystem.moveAsync({
        from: image,
        to: newPath

It works fine for some time.

The problem has occurred several times with IOS on different devices. I’m not shure if it happend on Android, too.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions for solutions or workarounds.



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