Building react-native-camera with FaceDetector


I have been stuck a while trying to get react-native-camera to build with face detection. I followed the exact steps given on the, and have tried with manual linking, cocoapods, and react-native link. That being said, each time the build doesn’t seem to build with FaceDetector native module…

When I run:

const faceDetect = imgPath => {
  const options = {

  return FaceDetector.detectFacesAsync(imgPath, options);

A rejected promise is returned with message Face detection has not been included in this build. in all three cases. Is there some step I am missing? Any advice on how to get it to build with FaceDetector would be greatly appreciated!

Using the master build works! Also make sure to manually link.

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Awesome! I’m glad it worked :smiley:

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