Facedetection stopped working with "TypeError: Cannot read property 'detectFaces' of undefined"

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: facedetector 12.1.1
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): expo running on iOS
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FaceDetection was working perfectly fine, but now it fails with “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘detectFaces’ of undefined”.

The code I was using does exactly this, and worked fine for 3 days, and suddenly now it never works at all:

const result = await ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync({
          mediaTypes: ImagePicker.MediaTypeOptions.Images,
          allowsEditing: true,
          aspect: [3, 4],
          quality: 1,
        if (!result.canceled) {
          const image = result.assets[0];
FaceDetector.detectFacesAsync(image.uri, {
      mode: FaceDetector.FaceDetectorMode.fast,
      detectLandmarks: FaceDetector.FaceDetectorLandmarks.none,
      runClassifications: FaceDetector.FaceDetectorClassifications.none,
      minDetectionInterval: 300,
      tracking: false,
    }).then((detectionResult) => { ... });

^^ This alone fails with the error, every time.

For what it’s worth, this is the stack trace I get:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'detectFaces' of undefined
    at ?anon_0_ (
    at next (native)
    at asyncGeneratorStep (
    at _next (
    at anonymous (
    at tryCallTwo (/private/var/folders/yw/6bx918xn4671rggfcdxz7fph0000gn/T/hermes/build_iphoneos/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:61:9)
    at doResolve (/private/var/folders/yw/6bx918xn4671rggfcdxz7fph0000gn/T/hermes/build_iphoneos/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:216:25)
    at Promise (/private/var/folders/yw/6bx918xn4671rggfcdxz7fph0000gn/T/hermes/build_iphoneos/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:82:14)
    at anonymous (
    at apply (native)
    at detectFacesAsync (

And an example URI of what I’m getting is: file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/5CF0B688-C002-4EEC-86EF-80906DFCD282/Library/Caches/ExponentExperienceData/%2540[[--my name--]]%252F[[]--my app--]/ImagePicker/3FA62073-39E5-481B-9189-BEC581820987.jpg

It seems to work from other clients.
Just not from my client from any user account.

I believe I must have hit some API threshold on Google Mobile Vision (since that product is discontinued by Google anyway…).

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