How do i disable face detection for the Expo Camera?


Not sure what to do here… I’m a detached Expo app using ExpoKit and I’m getting a warning that says “Face detection has not been included in this build” and would like to just disable the face detection feature instead of having to include it in my Pod file per the documentation.

How do i disable face detection for the Expo Camera? (detached Expo app) Or do I have to include it? (the problem is Apple rejects apps that use features but don’t actually use them)

If it’s just a warning and things are working fine, I think you could ignore this warning in this specific circumstance.

Regarding your Apple concern: in this case, the face detection library is not using Apple’s built-in features so I don’t think they would reject your app for not using face detection.

@ide Yes but those warnings are supper annoying when you are testing as they overlay your UI and you constantly have to dismiss them, but also useful when you need them. I’m trying to get rid of the warning. My options are:

(1) Disable warnings
(2) Install face detection as a Pod

(1) sucks because it disables all the warnings. (2) sucks because of my Apple concern unless you are saying I can install the Pod and Apple will be okay with it?

If you’re referring to the yellow box warnings, there’s a way to disable just those that match a string. I forget what it is off the top of my head but IIRC it’s on StackOverflow and also YellowBox.js in the React Native source code.

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Thanks :smiley: didn’t know you could disable individually, I think I will take that route!

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