Build Standalone IOS without make a publish

I need to build a standalone app for IOS, but i don’t want the Android Standalone apps to be updated.
I already have an app on Google PlayStore in production, but we’re trying to deploy our app to IOS, and somethings needed to change. My doubt is if i can build the IOS IPA, without interfering in the standalone apps from the PlayStore.
Notes: the Expo SDK Version from the PlayStore is 17.0.0, and the new build will have the version 22.0.0


Hi, right now you can’t prevent exp build from triggering a publish. At some point we’ll add support for this.

One thing you can do right now is use a Release Channel (other than default) for your iOS build. Then your Android and iOS builds would be fetching different release channels of your app, so they won’t interfere with each other.