Building for Android 13 (targetSdkVersion 33)

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Quick question, building an app for Android 13, which is targetSdkVersion 33. Is that only possible with SDK 46 (or even then?) or how have people built for Android 13 and incorporated the new push permission workflow?

I am using OneSignal and updated to their latest SDK, but I still am not getting the proper push notification permission pop-up - so assume that is because I am still on SDK45 and by default the targetSdkVersion is 31.

Would be great to hear how other people have managed this?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 45
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
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Hi @svarto

I am not sure, but if you need to specify different targetSdkVersion or something like that, see:

It’s supported for SDK 45 and later

Thanks @wodin , this is what I did but react native gesture handler doesn’t build because SDK45 is still on an older version. Just curious if others have solved this.

I can’t upgrade to SDK 46 as there’s some changes to the keyboard components one the native side that breaks some of my functionality

I found the answer on Discord from @notbrent :

we will add the permission when we change api target to android 13 (api level 33). we currently target api 31. from my understanding - this change won’t prevent you from using notifications in your app on android 13 - you just won’t be able to control when the permissions prompt is shown.

So unfortunately it doesnt look like it is possible to control the push permission pop up on Android 13 yet. My experience so far is that it doesn’t pop up when you use one of the earlier solutions (e.g. onesignal) to control it, and instead when you ask it to show a system dialogue comes up informing the user that they need to go to settings to change the push permission setting.

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