(Android) Your highest target API is Android 12 (API level 31), you need to target Android 13 (Api level 33) - I'm on Expo SDK49

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 49
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all

I’m on Expo SDK49 and I just received an email from Google saying that my app targets an old version of Android. It says that I’m targeting Android 12 (API Level 31), and that I need to target Android 13 (API Level 33).

For context, I started work on this app a few Expo SDK versions ago and I’ve been upgrading to the new Expo SDK versions a month or so after they come out. I use app.config.js instead of app.json but I don’t see anything there in regards to the Android API Level I’m targeting. I’m mostly doing local builds if that makes any difference.

My project is managed (haven’t ejected). Where do I specify what Android level to use?

Thanks in advance

In the app.json file you can override the compileSdkVersion e.g:

"plugins": [
          "android": {
            "compileSdkVersion": 33,
            "targetSdkVersion": 33,
            "buildToolsVersion": "33.0.0"

Here is all the information regarding this BuildProperties - Expo Documentation


It is possible you have an older package still active, such as in beta testing phase. Clicking on the notifications within the console will help you identify which package is in violation. If its an older one, decative it.

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