app-store AND enterprise builds?

For iOS, I know its possible to create app-store builds and that its possible to do enterprise builds. But is it possible to do both for the same app? In our case we want to both distribute the app via iOS App Store but also test our app on real devices like those at SauceLabs and that requires an Enterprise build. We already have both regular and enterprise accounts.

Can you do both without ending up in certificate hell and if so, how?

There is no way to do both app store and enterprise builds on the same ios app because you need to separate accounts/teams for that so you need to use different bundle identifier.

On expo it’s quite easy to setup because we treating apps with the same slug but different bundle identifiers as separate entities, so you can convert your app.json to app.congfig.ts/app.config.ts and switch bundle identifier based on some env variable or sth similiar.

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Thanks, that’s very interesting. Somehow I missed the app.config.js approach and we’ve been essentially doing a sed on app.json to change some dynamic things for builds :blush:

We will try that approach. Thanks.

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