Building Standalone iOS App as an Individual

Hi, just curious about the wording here:

Does this mean that, if I need a team ID, I can’t build with expo as an individual Apple developer? I don’t have an apple developer membership yet and I don’t really want to blow $100 picking the wrong one.

Some of the responses in this thread lead me to believe that you don’t get a Team ID as an individual (which would make sense).


Sorry for the confusion. An individual developer account will work fine. Apple will still assign your individual membership a “Team ID”.

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Not to sound snarky.

I have the same problem and your answer doesn’t tell us HOW do you assign the TEAM ID to a build that hasn’t built yet ? A step by step here would be helpful ben. This is sort of a Catch-22. If my understanding is correct: I need to create a build of my app and then assign it a Team ID so that I can then build the application with expo in mind. Does that sound about right ?