breadcrumbs (sentry-expo)

I absolutely love that sentry-expo is auto capturing xhr bread crumbs that lead up to an error, unfortunately, using graphql our current config doesn’t get us too far since it is always the same endpoint and we can’t peek into the payload. I saw an issue for sentry-javascript that describes our exact issue. Unfortunately the very cool option beforeBreadcrumb(breadcrumb, hint) does not seem to be available in sentry-react-native is there a solution available within Expo?

Hey @vivintsolar!

So this was actually asked on the React-Native Sentry GH (here), and it looks like the best option for you (until they implement this API with react-native-sentry) is to make use of the setShouldSendCallback and modify the event / breadcrumbs in there, as is said in one of the comments on the issue.

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