Sentry events being sent only from App.js file

I have hooked Sentry on to my react native app per the instructions in

My problem is that only errors that are caused by the App.js file (the entry point of the application) are reported. I am obviously using a lot of components and none of the errors caused in the respective files are being sent to Sentry. How do I get around this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @spsiddarthan thanks for letting us know. It looks like Sentry might have updated their library so we’re looking into updating sentry-expo.

hi there! I just released sentry-expo 1.7.0 which bumps the version of react-native-sentry that it uses. I tested this and it worked as expected:

33 PM


Hey @notbrent, Thanks for the prompt action on this, but I updated my sentro-expo version to the latest, the problem seems to exist. :frowning: This is what I exactly did, I used an undeclared variable in one of my component files, the error doesn’t get reported. When I do the same on the app.js file, the error gets reported.

Am I missing any obvious caveats? Thank you!

hey @spsiddarthan- you should go to sentry support and ask them. unfortunately at this point all I can tell you is that the expo integration is working as expected.

I’m having exactly the same problem as you @spsiddarthan. Did you discover a solution?

I think I found the solution. Basically, make sure:

  1. You are using the Expo fork of react-native.
  2. That your version of sentry-expo is the one designed for your version of Expo.

E.g. if you are using Expo SDK 24, you should be using sentry-expo 1.7.0. If you are using Expo 23, you should be using sentry-expo 1.6.0… etc. See the release notes of your Expo SDK to determine which package to use.