Better invoices in roadmap?

With both eas build and eas publish becoming fairly expensive, and with the billing being usage based and fairly complex (based on # of users), I am in a position where it takes me a VERY long time to try to calculate my invoices to my various clients for these expenses.

I have multiple apps with lots of updates and builds every month, and I am basically guessing at how to fairly distribute these costs.

Is there something on the roadmap to address this?

Ideally I would just have a list of all my apps, with a breakdown of how much each one cost me for the billing period. Apologies if I missed an announcement that this is on the way already, or if there is already some way to determine this information that I am just not seeing.


bumping this … anyone able to answer if its on the roadmap or not?
What are people doing as a workaround?
Am I supposed to open a new eas account for each client?

Hi @marchingband

I am not a member of the Expo Team, so I don’t know if they are thinking about this. Maybe you should try sending them the question via Contact Us — Expo

I suppose you could do this: Create an organisation account for each client and add your own account to each organisation. Then you should probably add "owner": "the_org_account" to each app to make sure you don’t build with the wrong account, although now that apps have a projectId I am not sure if this matters anymore.

That would simplify the billing, but would presumably complicate other things.

Thank you so much @wodin
I am surprised that Expo Team members are not engaged in the forum.
I will try the contact us.

They are, but don’t always see everything. They will definitely see the question if you send it via the “Contact Us” form