Bare Workflow install for brand new TvOS app

I followed the instructions here: GitHub - react-native-tvos/react-native-tvos: React Native repo with additions for Apple TV and Android TV support.
to create a brand new TvOS app with this command:
react-native init TestApp --version=react-native@npm:react-native-tvos@latest

I then followed the exact steps to install the Unimodules and try to get expo bare setup. I ensured that I did the POD installs at the right time and also ensured that editing the three iOS files was accurate. However, every time I try to build the app in Xcode, the build fails. Here are the errors:

Undefined symbol: OBJC_METACLASS$_UMAppDelegateWrapper
Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_UMAppDelegateWrapper
Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_UMModuleRegistryProvider
Undefined symbol: OBJC_CLASS$_UMModuleRegistryAdapter

Is Expo bare supposed to work with tvOS react native? This is the version of react-native I show in package.json:
“react-native”: “npm:react-native-tvos@0.63.3-0”,


Some more information: I just tried this entire setup process again and it resulted in an Xcode build error like this, not sure if it helps:

Should the Unimodules library be possible to install on a tvOS project?

Hey, did you figure it out?