Is app.json necessary for bare / unimodule workflow?

Hey guys,

I want to get into and try out unimodules in “vanilla” react-native app.
I’m planning to start with

However it looks like there are various things that need to be added into app.json
file in order to make it work.

Atm I’ve got custom schemas set up for iOS that use different files
for different targets (dev / staging / prod). Having to duplicate this logic into app.json
is fine, but differs a lot from experience with other packages from say react-native-community.

Hence my question: Will we see unimodules that are further decoupled from expo maganed
workflow and that work more like other third party libraries i.e. don’t rely on app.json?

Hey @asimetriq,

You seem to be looking at the instructions/documentation for the Managed workflow. You’ll want to follow the unimodule instructions that are found in the README’s of each package (there’s a link to them in each API page). Specifically for Google Sign In, it’s best to follow this blog post:

Using the unimodules in a bare project doesn’t rely on app.json at all.


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