Bad .ipa when uploading with pilot

I’m assuming this has something to do with the line about the non-beta version of Xcode, but the build is being done on the expo server, right?

49 PM

Any idea where I should go from here? I’m on expo 18.0

Edit: Here are the steps I underwent according to the docs, let me know if I did anything wrong.

exp start
> open new terminal tab
exp build:ios -c
> outputs .ipa link
> download .ipa file from link and place in project directory
fastlane pilot upload

The docs are really vague about how to use pilot, not sure if that part of the process is correct at all.

I also tried to upload the .ipa using Application Loader and got a really similar error.

I’ve found a few threads, but they all reference MacOS Sierra. I’m on El Capitan, but again, I would assume the actual build process is being done on an Expo machine?