Apps Not Updating

Hi, I’ve two apps which are available on both the Play Store and Apple App Store. Up until now I have been updating them occasionally and simple publishing them through the XDE and then they will update on my devices.

However, I believe since I updated to either of the last two SDKs, this hasn’t been happening. I added Expo Google Analytics a couple of weeks ago, and just thought it wasn’t working, however when I’ve come to update the app again now with some content changes, I’ve noticed that nothing has updated.

Could anyone enlighten me on what could be going wrong?


When you updated the SDK, did you also submit it to the app stores? You need to do this if you update the SDK, Also, here is a good flow diagram that shows how the process works.

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Hi, as soon as I posted I found that I needed to do that. So in that process now! Unfortunately getting certificate errors on iOS builds now.


When that happened to me I needed to delete the certs and let expo build new certs - I had to delete the certs in the apple developer portal.

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Yes same for me, I kept getting the issues after trying lots of things. I didn’t really want to delete the certs as I have two apps and I wasn’t sure which certs were for which. In the end I deleted it all and started again for both, all working perfectly now!

Thanks for your help armweiss

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