App rejected - Guideline 2.3.1 - Performance

Hi we got this rejection from Apple today. Will disabling OTA feature of Expo solve this issue?

Guideline 2.3.1 - Performance

We discovered that your app contains obfuscated code, selector mangling, or features meant to subvert the App Review process by changing this app’s concept after approval to the App Store.

The next submission of this app may require a longer review time, and this app will not be eligible for an expedited review until this issue is resolved.


I just got the same. I did a minor update to my quite simple app and wasn’t prepared to get this message. What to do?


I think Apple may have just discovered about the OTA feature of Expo and I think this needs disabling.

Same problem here!

I guess there’s no way to disable OTA update in Expo, correct?

@adamjnav what can we do? Thank you!

Our app update has just been rejected for the same reason.

My app was rejected yesterday with his message, as I mentioned above. After posting that, I wrote a reply back to the review team saying that my app was doing nothing shady and pointed towards me using Expo as the framework.

This morning my app was again put “In Review” and this time it was approved with no further messaging.

same thing here.

Hey all,

This isn’t something that OTA updates should result in, in the past developers have had success in asking for clarification from the Apple, as in why specifically the app is being rejected. @jseverinson, if I understand correctly then resubmitting worked for you?

I’ll check and see if this is could be resolved or improved on our end, but I have a feeling it’s more to do with the review process.

I’ll keep everyone posted here!


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Exactly, resubmitting worked for me. Thanks!

Yeah, that’s what has worked in the past. The review process still had some curious aspects, for now my suggestion to all is to ask for clarification from Apple and/or resubmit :slight_smile:

Hey Guys!

The apps get rejected on ios if the app hangs up when its loaded. So basically configure the app.json to

"updates": {
      "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 0

then submit the build. It should then accept.

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