App keeps stopping after converting java files converted to Kotlin

Hi everyone, hope I can get some advice on a problem; here’s my workflow because I think it’s relevant to understanding the problem:

  1. I initiated an expo project and immediately converted it to bare workflow via npx expo prebuild.

  2. Thereafter I open the Android folder in Android Studio, and use the IDE’s tools to convert and to Kotlin files. I’ve verified (using Bard) that the syntax after conversion is all ok.

  3. Next, I run npx expo run":android from the project root, and the project is able to build successfully and load it onto my android phone.

  4. However, when I use my device to open app, I don’t get the UI on my app and there is a notification " keeps stopping. No further error logs provided.

Would greatly appreciate if someone can help shine some light on the problem, thank you!!