expo run:android Failing with error about Kotlin/Java

I am trying to execute expo run:android for the first time but I am getting this error:

**> Task :react-native-gradle-plugin:compileKotlin** FAILED

'compileJava' task (current target is 1.8) and 'compileKotlin' task (current target is 11) jvm target compatibility should be set to the same Java version.
* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':react-native-gradle-plugin:compileKotlin'.
> Failed to query the value of task ':react-native-gradle-plugin:compileKotlin' property 'compilerRunner$kotlin_gradle_plugin'.
   > Kotlin could not find the required JDK tools in the Java installation. Make sure Kotlin compilation is running on a JDK, not JRE.

I am using expo SDK 45