App built with public-url looking for /ios-index.json/index.exp that does not exist / OTA updates fail

So I am currently attempting to create an ios simulator build of my app using turtle that loads my app from a web server running on my local machine. I first run

expo export --public-url http://`ipconfig getifaddr en0`:8000

to create my distribution and then host it on a simple Python http server. I then use

turtle build:ios --type simulator --public-url http://`ipconfig getifaddr en0`:8000/ios-index.json

to build the simulator application. This completes and runs on my ios simulator. I then attempt to make a change to my code, re-export my application, and restart my web server and restart the app on my simulator. It should then in theory download the updates from my local server and update the app, but the app makes the following call to my server that fails.

What is this index.exp call? Is this a file that should exist in my server? Does this file / call need to exist in order to perform an OTA update from my local server? Why does expo export not create the resources for this? Or is my issue somewhere else?

Thank you for your help.

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