turtle build:ios issues


I’ve been trying to get a working version on ios (using testflight on physical device) using expo export and then turtle build:ios

It doesnt seem possible to use these without the --public-url option set

In app.json I have set
expo.updates.enabled: false

However the app still attempts to call home when it is launched e.g. - - [01/Jul/2020:18:10:29 +0100] “GET /ios-index.json HTTP/1.1” 200 4128 - - [01/Jul/2020:18:10:29 +0100] “GET /bundles/ios-96567dac93694a9c7a4922016e01ffd7.js HTTP/1.1” 200 2962224 - - [01/Jul/2020:18:10:29 +0100] “GET /:8097 HTTP/1.1” 404 203 - - [01/Jul/2020:18:10:29 +0100] “POST /symbolicate HTTP/1.1” 404 209 - - [01/Jul/2020:18:10:29 +0100] “POST /symbolicate HTTP/1.1” 404 209 - - [01/Jul/2020:18:10:29 +0100] “GET /hot HTTP/1.1” 404 201

Ideally I would like to prevent this

If the webserver becomes unavailable the app fails to launch
“There was a problem loading… Could not connect to the server”

Any hints as to where I might be going wrong?


A bit more information …
It also appears that the built version loaded onto the device via testflight is acting like an expo client - it shows the “Refreshed. Don’t see your changes …” and Yellow warnings


Not sure if this is relevant, but it seems like it might be. This is from the SDK 38 announcement:

:butterfly: Build-time Updates in Bare workflow

With our last release, we introduced expo-updates , a brand-new library that lets you use over-the-air updates in any React Native app. Check out the documentation here.

We recently released an updated version of this library, expo-updates@0.2.x , which simplifies the workflow around updates in Bare workflow apps. Specifically, it introduces build-time updates, which means

  • release builds will create and embed a new update from the JavaScript source on disk at build-time, rather than embedding your latest published update; and
  • you no longer need to run expo publish before creating a release build for the first time.

For more detail, including how to upgrade from expo-updates@0.1.x , read this walkthrough.


Unfortunately not. In fact OTA should be turned off app.json for this app.

The (main) problem is turtle build:ios is producing a build that wont launch unless there is webserver it can retrieve files from.

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