APK's built from my pc wont work

Hi, trying to build APK file with Windows 10, using react native. File seems to build fine but when trying to launch application after installing it i get this error.

We tried building from mac, linux and other windows and they all get a working apk from same git repository.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hey @weeper,

Are you using the expo-cli or the turtle-cli to build locally?


Im using expo-cli

Well im using expo-cli and using the expo ba / expo build:android to actually make the apk file

This usually is the result of some config changes for babel. Can you share your babel config? Also, if you run expo start --no-dev --minify you should get the same error.


module.exports = (api) => {
return {
presets: [


expo start --no-dev --minify gave no errors and opened the app as usual

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