Apk file which made using eas build does not show images on real device

  • managed workflow
  • eas-cli/0.53.1 win32-x64 node-v14.15.0
  • Expo SDK 45

I have a working app which I have migrated to Expo SDK 45. When I build this app with
expo build:android
the produced app works. When I build this app with
eas build --platform android --profile preview --clear-cache
the produced app does not show any image.

The source code of the images is like this:

import {Image} from ‘react-native’;

<Image source={ require(‘…/…/…/ccLogo.png’) } style={{ margin: 10, padding: 10 }} />

What can I do to find the reason for this problem? If it helps I can give you the links for the builds.



Hi, did you understand how to solve this problem?

Hi, I’ve created a new project and copied the source files to this new project. After building this it worked.

Tnx for the information