API call returning 'not found' and 'associated with a different experience' error


I’m new to expo but I’m trying to post to https://exp.host/--/api/v2/push/send directly.
I have a valid token but I’m currently getting a 404 not found error. I wasn’t getting this in my testing a few days ago.

Also, in my last working test I sent a batch of 28 messages and 14 returned the error 'The recipient ‘[Token]’ is associated with a different experience than ‘@josh.xxxxxx’. The other 14 worked. What does this error mean? I seem to get this error a bit, but then I’m pretty sure the same tokens will generally work when I try sending notifications a few hours later individually.

We have a mobile app (created by a third party) that passes me the token, so although I’ve done a bit of reading on your site, my knowledge of the setup is limited.

Thanks for any help you can give


I’m also getting the “recipient ‘[Token]’ is associated with a different experience than ‘@josh.xxxxxx’.”

But when I don’t send with batches, it works fine. For now I just won’t send with batches. I suppose it’s how you build the app. Sometimes it’s with different users

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