Anybody else have problems with iOS 13 using the ExpoKit instructions? (UPDATE: not fixed)

A month or so ago, I followed the Expo/ ExpoKit upgrade instructions here: Expo SDK 34 is now available. Expo SDK v34.0.0 is out today and is… | by Eric Samelson | Exposition. I didn’t test on iOS 13 (stupid me!) because I didn’t have a test device and didn’t want to blow up my build environment. I released the app, somebody tried it on iOS13, and it crashed. So, I broke down and installed Xcode 11 beta 7 and tried things out. I forgot to copy the error down, but it was a dead-ringer for the attribute issue fixed here: [ios13] Add support for iOS 13's unused attribute marker · expo/expo@bc370a7 · GitHub.

So, I ran expo init to create a new blank project and ejected it, installed pods, built it, and it worked great. I looked at the differences between my project at the new blank project, and the tag for the ExpoKit pod was “2.12.4”, where mine was “2.12.0”. So I changed that reinstalled my pods, still didn’t fix it. I then noticed in packages.json that the blank project had for react-native, while I had 34.0.0 (which was from the upgrade instructions as I recall). I upgraded that, the reinstalled all my pods, and it worked!

Anyway, wanted to check to see if that jived with reality (did that iOS 13 fix really ship in 34.0.1 of the RN fork?) and to let folks know in case they’re running into problems.

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@llamaluvr seems like it’s very dependent on how you have your pod file configured plus what ejected frameworks you use. our setup is working fine with Pod expokit 2.12.0 and RN expo archive 34.0.0 w:

     "expo": "^34.0.3",
     "expokit": "^34.0.2",

by fine I mean several build problems that we’ve managed to fix :slight_smile:

So, I spoke a little too soon. After these fixes, our development build to the simulator worked, but our development build to a device did not. We got this fishhook.c error: [Xcode 11] [iOS 13] EXC_BAD_ACCESS in fishhook.c · Issue #25182 · facebook/react-native · GitHub. I don’t see a commit where this was cherry-picked into Expo. Anybody else get this issue?

We are finding that we are getting this error only on an iOS beta 13.1 device (not on a simulator). Submitted an issue here: fishhook.c EXEC_BAD_ACCESS error when running ExpoKit/ managed workflow apps on iOS 13.1 device · Issue #5532 · expo/expo · GitHub

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@llamaluvr that is a known issue supposedly in RN 0.59.9, but that is not what expo archive 34.0.0 is using so I am maintaining the fix manually…for now.

The __unused error should be fixed in 34, I’m not seeing that error anymore. What I’m still seeing is the one related to fishhook.c. We’re working around it for now by commenting out the line that cashes in fishhook (see [Xcode 11] [iOS 13] EXC_BAD_ACCESS in fishhook.c · Issue #25182 · facebook/react-native · GitHub)