Is everyone sure Expo is working on iOS 13?

I have posted some updates on our issues getting ExpoKit apps to work on iOS 13 here Anybody else have problems with iOS 13 using the ExpoKit instructions? (UPDATE: not fixed) - #4 by llamaluvr and submitted an issue here fishhook.c EXEC_BAD_ACCESS error when running ExpoKit/ managed workflow apps on iOS 13.1 device · Issue #5532 · expo/expo · GitHub.

I just wanted to cross-post here because we just confirmed we get a similar-looking (can’t see actual errors b/c it’s prod) crash on our managed workflow app. Looking at Expo’s RN forks, while they do have. the “__unused signature changed” error fixed, the fishhook.c fix ([Xcode 11] [iOS 13] EXC_BAD_ACCESS in fishhook.c · Issue #25182 · facebook/react-native · GitHub) does not appear to have been cherry-picked. We are only seeing this issue on an iOS 13 beta device (in our case, an iPad mini 5th gen), and are not seeing it on any iOS simulators.

We just updated our Github issue to note that we got a similar/ the same crash on a managed workflow app under Expo 34 that was just built last night. If any other Expo managed workflow users could try out a new build of their app on iOS 13 to let me know if I’m crazy or not, that’d be really great. I can hack around the issue in ExpoKit, but there’s not much I can do if it’s not working on managed.

I updated my phone to the iOS 13 GM build yesterday (it’s supposed to be the same as what is being shipped on the new phones).

Now the expo app and our app are crashing before they even launch. We updated our app with SDK 34 with the understanding that it fixed that problem but it didn’t.

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After upgrading to SDK 35 it is now working as expected.

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