[Android] Open pdf

how can view a remote pdf into Android app?
On iOS all work fine but with Android if i use WebBrowser Expo the app ask me to download file and WebView react native component show a blank screeen.
Is possible do it without exit from Expo?
Thanks in advance

hey, seems like there is a hacky solution on android where you pretend this is a google drive document. you could also try the pdf.js library and using the webbrowser api but it looks like some people had trouble

Hi, i’ve tried google solution and it work fine… but can i have privacy issues? My pdf is quite reserved and submit to Google …

Hi @mgiorgi,

I’m working on a solution to have a PDF offline viewer (android capable, using expo):

Your solution won’t work , is shows Error calling RCTDeviceEventEmitter.emit
Failed to create value from json

Hi, should be fixed in latest lib version v0.2.1 :slight_smile:

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