intentlauncher for IOS?

I’m using the IntentLauncher API to show the user a PDF file that was previously created using printToFileAsync. It works great on Android, but according to the docs IntentLauncher is used specifically for Android. Is there an equivalent API for IOS that I can use to accomplish the same task? I’ve been searching through the docs and can’t seem to find anything.

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Maybe this will do it?

Otherwise maybe Sharing will do it.

See also:

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Hi thanks for the response. Unfortunately none of the solutions in your first link would work as it would require me to eject my application. The second link might work, but it looks like it’s just a viewer, and has no share functionality, which is what I am really needing :confused: Opening the file in IOS native PDF viewer is really what i’m going for here, since it would give the user options for sharing.

Hi. Sorry, I don’t have any more ideas, but did you notice the Sharing link in my previous comment?

Will that work for you? If not, I hope someone else has some better ideas.

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