Open PDF with expo

Is there a way to open a pdf with expo not using Ejecting?

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You could use PDF.js in a WebView or you could polyfill the renderer underneath it to render with Expo.GLView.

If I could import pdfjs on my app… having some troubles with zlib

I want to show a pdf from file-storage (without detaching).
With PDFjs it’s not possible due to zlib. @nikki, how can i do it with GLView ?

I found a way using WebBrowser, on iOS you have a direct PDF reader and on android just prefix your PDF url with this: ‘{your pdf url}’



Another solution I working on to display PDF with pdf.js and in a WebView:


Will this work with files saved locally using expo’s FileSystem ?

Yes it is

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I get “file props is required” alert:

<PdfReader file={this.props.uri} />

this.props.uri contains this value: “file:///Users/…/pdfs/25.pdf”.

Any ideas?

Thanks for making this, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m also happy to dig in and help troubleshoot

Hi @jogillesp,

Sorry I changed the API:
And add a check when uri include ‘file’.

Hi x

I am trying to make use of the a file in assets, is this possible and what would be the syntax for this. So far I am getting an alert saying “source props is not correct”.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @thejiff,

Sorry about that, can you please create an issue or maybe a PR :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Best regards,

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it is not working on expo v31

Hi, should be fixed in latest lib version v0.2.1!

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@xcarpentier just tested out, it works just fine with the last Expo (no errors)…thank you so much!


but its too slow

Am having the same problem with the rendering process it is too slow