Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key

When I am uploading the .aab file (not for the 1st time) into Google Playstore, it has started giving error: “Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Ensure that your App Bundle is signed with the correct signing key and try again. Your App Bundle is expected to be signed with the certificate with fingerprint”.

Wherein, Google Play is also showing the right and wrong key. The right key is available in Google play as “Upload Key Certificate” and can be downloaded as .der file. Google Play has another key named “App signing key certificate”, which can also be downloaded as .der file.

The wrong key as shown in Google Play is same on → app->credentials->Keystore and is being used by “eas build” command. If I try to change this Keystore, it asks for following values which I don;t have.

  • .jks/.p12 file,
  • Android Keystore Password
  • Android Key Alias
  • Android Key Password
    Is it possible to extract these values from Google Provided “Upload Key Certificate”, which is a .der file ?

If I am thinking right ? - I feel that the problem can be solved by replacing the key in account with Google play’s “Upload Key Certificate”, but don;t know how to do it ?

Or if there is any other approach, I am requesting for an expert’s suggestion here, so that I can proceed further on submitting my app to Playstore.