Allow user to download a File

After reading the FileSystem API documentation. I still have no idea how to implement a simple user flow.

My page has several Image (which are simple URL such as this one (Hello gaston !)

- What i’d like

My User can click on an Image, and is invited to download the Image with :
[IOS] - Save to Photos or Icloud
[Android] - Save directly to the Download Folder

But for now, all i could find is Expo.FileSystem.documentDirectory which is absolutely not useful as i cannot find any other folder based on this.

I’ve seen some question such as mine on the forum which were old, or closed without being answered.

That is such a common userflow/feature for many developers out there.
The API seems great, but the document is absolutely pointless without more guidelines.

Even Filesystem are very different between iOS and Android, so developers need even more specification on this.

Thanks for your help !

The FileSystem API only provides access to local storage that is scoped for your app. I believe you can accomplish what you are trying to do on iOS with the MediaLibrary API, but I think you’ll need to detach if it is critical to put the files in the Downloads folder.

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