Not possible to access the filesystem with Expo?

Hi, I am working on my first react native application currently. A core feature of my app is to access pictures of all galleries on the device.

Is that really not possible when developing with Expo or am I missing something - can we really only access documentDirectory and cacheDirectory with the FileSystem API?
I also tried react-native-fs and react-native-fs-blob but could not get them to work because of the linking.

Expo is really great and I would like to keep using it, but accessing the filesystem is a must-have for this project. Is there some way to get this to work with Expo?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @dfels,

You’ll want to make use of our MediaLibrary API. It should provide all the functionality you require that you mentioned above as well as some additional power you may want to leverage.



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Thank you, looks like this is exactly what I need!

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