Downloading video files using Expo - is it possible?

Hello all,

I’m trying to build an app where people can stream videos, and download them on their phones for later, and have been looking through multiple forum/internet threads but can’t find a clear answer to whether or not this is possible.

Thanks in advance.

yes it’s possible. see the video api and filesystem api

Okay, I did read about something like that - but is this for both OSes? I remember reading somewhere that these only work on Android. Thanks in advance.

those apis both work on ios and android

Okay, thank you so much, will reply/create thread if I run into any other problems.

One question though - do the FileSystem & Video APIs download to the device’s video gallery? If so, that’s not what I want - I want all downloads to be managed in the app. Thanks.

Hey @sunnyb, the videos will be stored in the app’s device storage that can be accessed via FileSystem not in the Photos or Gallery apps of iOS and Android respectively. However, if you find you want to add that functionality, you could leverage the MediaLibrary module to do so.

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Thanks for the reply, this helped a lot. :smile:

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Happy to hear that! Best of lucking moving forward with your project!

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