Admob Native Ads Support?

Hello everyone, Does anybody knows if there are any plans to support Native ads through AdMob? The “expo-ads-admob” does not seem to have support for it. Trying to google an answer for it results in many conversations either locked or unanswered, hence I was hoping that this post will not be of that kind. :slight_smile:.

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can you elaborate on what you mean by native ads? i’m not super familiar with admob personally, but the expo-ads-admob package uses the native google mobile ads sdk

First, Thank you for your response. To elaborate on what I was asking about was that the ‘expo-ads-admob’ has the ability to add banner ads, publisher banners, interstitial ads, and rewarded ads. I was wondering if you guys would be adding the native ad format. I know facebook-ads have that format already but for AdMob, that format is not available in the library.

More details about the native format can be found here.

thanks. that seems reasonable, but we currently aren’t prioritizing work on this library internally and so it would need to be implemented by an open source contributor. could that be you? :wink:

Haha. I’m not even sure where to begin. If you can point me in the right direction :slight_smile: I will try to take a shot at it.

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Would someone be interested in working on tbis together?


Unfortunately, I can’t contribute that much but I’m dealing with the same problem too… Did you find out a way to implement native ads?

No not yet. I was planning on giving it a try after I get done with a few other functionalities. As of right now, there is no solution for Google Admobs and Native Ads in expo

I’m not sure where to start with this but I’d be glad to!
Adoobdoob71 on github by the way

Alright then. Let’s figure this out together :stuck_out_tongue:. Anyone else wants to join us?

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the feature request.

And here’s a React Native library. This should work in Expo in the Bare workflow. Also, with the Expo team’s work on EAS this should also be possible in the Managed workflow some time this year.

Hi ! I have same problem.

I don’t know how much I help you guys , but I wanna join :slight_smile:

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