Native Ads in managed workflow

Is there a way to implement either Facebook or Admob Native Ads into a project without ejecting? After searching for about a week now I wasn’t able to find a solution other than ejecting and using the native SDKs. I am aware that the Facebook Ads library has support in the documentation but after looking for solutions it seems like the library doesn’t work for my Expo version (37). If I am wrong and someone has working native ads in Expo 37+ could you point me in the right direction? As of now i’m stuck with banner ads but it doesn’t really fit the application. Thanks!

Hi, I am having the same problem, were you ever able to fix it?

Unfortunately not, the only solutions I found involved native projects.

I tried to update my sdk in the app to 38 and see if that helps, but I still have no luck. Can you let me know if anything works for you?